Why Web-lingo?

  • We offer a complete solution, from translation and proofreading to DTP services and multi-channel output solutions.
  • We translate into and from 85 different languages, including all of South Africa’s Official Languages, African languages, European, Asian, Scandinavian and South American languages.
  • We offer same-day competitive quotes, fast turnaround times due to our leading edge translation technology and strict confidentiality.
  • Our translation memory and terminology management software offers you both cost-saving and translation consistency, as well as faster turnaround times on all projects.
  • We can translate from any format and offer a multi-channel output solution.
  • One-on-One Contact with your dedicated Project Manager provides peace of mind to clients and an efficient, professional service.
  • No job is too big or small for our professional translation and localisation teams.

We make use of a computer-assisted translation tool (CAT). This technology streamlines the translation process, meaning quicker turnaround times on projects, efficient project management and an effective collaboration within a cloud system between all parties on a project.

A match is a 100% match of the sentence / phrase you are looking at translating, meaning we already have that exact phrase translated and available to us within your translation memory and glossary, which means a reduced rate for you on those 100% matches. 

A fuzzy match is when we have a partial match to what’s available in the translation memory, i.e. certain words in the sentence / phrase are already translated.

A style guide or style manual is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organization or field. The implementation of a style guide provides uniformity in style and formatting of a document. Web-lingo can assist you with the creation of your style guide.

A Glossary is a list of terminology that you have used or is predominant within the content you want to be translated along with the corresponding translated version of the terminology. This helps to ensure consistency within the translation and that we are 100% sure of the terminology you would like to be used with your translated content. Web-lingo can assist you with the creation of your glossary.

Localisation is the process of adapting the content within software, websites and other technologies to a particular region’s cultural, language or other requirements, so as to retain the essence of the message and stay true to the original.

Internationalisation is adapting the language used within any content, from advertising campaigns to market research so that it can be used worldwide.


A translation memory, or TM, is a database that stores so-called "segments", which can be sentences or sentence-like units (headings, titles) that have previously been translated. A translation memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated, in order to aid translators. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”.

Translation memories are typically used in conjunction with a dedicated computer assisted translation (CAT) tool. This in turn helps aid the translation process and the translators themselves.

If you are interested in joining our team – please email your CV to info@web-lingo.com

It depends on which language. African language translators can usually do 1000 – 1500 per day, European languages about 2000 – 3000 words. Of course, the content concerned is a factor, the volume of work concerned, and the translator in question. As translation is an art and not a science, some translators work faster than others. Some languages take longer than others. It is subjective, which is why we always suggest you take us up on our proofreading services to ensure quality and consistency of your translations.

Yes, we do accept rush jobs, however, this is subject to the availability of resources. A rush job is managed with the same professionalism and confidence that you can expect from any other job. A rush job fee will be charged.

A good translation is a translation that is true to the original. We use mother-tongue speakers as translators who are all university qualified professionals to ensure this is the case.

No. Web-lingo offers competitive pricing.

Turnaround time is based on the languages concerned, file size, content and subject. An accurate timeframe is given once source files are received.

Web-lingo will not proceed with any project without a signed quote and official company purchase order. If you have provided us with either of those documents with your signature then we will charge you for the work carried out up until that point.

We charge per word and per hour depending on the project.

You can simply send us your requirement with a brief description of what you would like to achieve. We prefer to receive content via e-mail, however, we can always arrange for a customer to upload their content to an FTP site if the file is large. We can give you the ftp details upon request or alternatively you are welcome to courier them to us on a CD or storage device.
Once your quote is approved, a Project Manager will be in touch to get the ball rolling on your project.


A sworn translation is a translation used to present documentation in a court of law, whereas personal document translation or other requirements within various industries are best known as a certified translation.

Yes, we do offer proofreading services and it’s always recommended to make use of this service to ensure a high standard of translation and consistency.

DTP, or Desk Top Publishing, is the creation of printed materials using page layout. Web-Lingo offers you the control over design and layout of your document.

We take client confidentiality and security very seriously. We consider every document and content that is sent to us as confidential, however, we are more than prepared to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.

We translate everything from school textbooks for Publishers to a personal letter. Some of the fields that we specialise in include and are not limited to the following:- Financial; Education; Legal; Medical and Pharmaceutical; Technical (Software); Sworn Translations; Export and Import Permits; Official documents (Birth Certificates; Divorce Orders etc.), Mining, Advertising, Marketing and Media, Insurance and Assurance, Corporate, Business Administration, Official Government documents, Information Technology, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Personal documentation, Academic and Educational requirements.

Yes. All our translators are mother-tongue speakers and qualified within their chosen area of language expertise.

We have access to over 2500 linguists based around the world to assist with your requirements. 

In order for Web-lingo to provide you with an accurate quote, please send us the following information: The source files, source and target language (as well as the target area e.g.: Portuguese for Europe or Brazil or Africa); requested turnaround time and full company information including VAT number.

Yes, Web-lingo offers same-day, competitive and obligation free quotes.

Yes, we offer proofreading and editing services to ensure consistency and a high standard of translation. Although Web-lingo maintains a high professional standard at all times, in order to guarantee accuracy, we recommend proofreading, editing and/or validation by independent translator(s).”

We cover all 11 of South Africa’s Official Languages, European languages, Scandinavian languages, African languages as well as French and Portuguese for African markets, Asian languages and South American languages. We cover 85 languages in total and our database consists of many qualified translators.

While offering publishing and content management solution services for the design and development of publishing frameworks, our approach is to convert whatever format you have available to XML, where the content is authored and maintained in an XML format which can then be published into any or all of the following formats: - HTML/Web, ePub3.0, Apple iBook, Kindle (Mobi-pocket), PDF and CHM (Microsoft Help Format).

Any format that is legible. If our translators can’t make out the text, it makes it impossible to quote you and do any accurate work. We offer multi-channel solutions for e.g.: MS Office (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook); Adobe (PDF); XML.

We are a full-service translations company, meaning we cover translations into and from 85 languages, proofreading and editing, sworn translations, DTP services and multi-channel output solutions. We deliver your finished translation to you in any format you.